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Lastest release: Apr 22 2012
A Windows Rapid Application Developer for Visual Studio C++. This software uses the compiler's command line tools to make, compile and link.

The videos below show the quickest way to build your first database application with few mouse clicks and how to add a new table field in a form. Be sure you have correctly installed and configured Rad.On++ and Visual C++ before you start to build and compile.
RAD.On++ software has evolved over several years to be a powerful, flexible, and intuitive development tool, particularly useful for producing scaleable database-driven business solutions. I'm proud of the results of my efforts and I'm constantly revising and updating RAD.On++, incorporating new ideas from its users to make it one of the most friendly and adaptable freeware software on the market. You will soon discover that RAD.On++ has a high degree of functionality and will allow you to produce solutions quickly and easily, including client-server and the web. I hope very much that you enjoy your experience of using RAD.On++, that you will become part of its rapidly growing community, and that you have many successful and rewarding years as an RAD.On++ developer. Here you will find links to just a few ofthe amazing freeware solutions produced in RAD.On++. The mission behind this RAD was to help peoples involved in C++ windows development who don't want to change language and have troubles using traditional but insufficient C++ tools or don't want to buy expensive RAD. The main idea was to get a foundation wrapper to the Windows operating system (DLLs, COM, OLE) to avoid VBX, OCX, ATL and other complicated stuff. Note: RAD.On++ generates C++ code based on its foundation classes (source code included) (framework source code included, too)  and automatically builds the .mak file excluding all components you do not have used making the executable size small as needed. Download RAD.On++ (click on floppy disk bitmap), extract the zip content into a folder and run setup.exe. Everytime you download the latest version, you must apply  the 'rebuild all' step (from the main menu) to your projects, this will fix bugs and will add new efforts to your applications. Don't bother if sometime you have to  rewrite little pieces of your snippets (especially on structuring exceptions handling code) but I'm working to generate better structured C++ code. RAD.On++ interface is based on the 'inspection mouse click' logic, so feel free to press the right mouse button on any of the main window components to get the appropriate command popup menu.
Install your favorite Microsoft Express Visual Studio C++ configure and run Rad.On++
RAD.On++ foundation classes source code included
RAD.On++ application framework source code included